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This made me laugh…..

Still working on the Who I Connected With at LegalTech NY…..

I just received the equivalent of an e-mail chain letter. It was from Tracy, LegalTypist’s operations manager – who had advised me she was sending it because it was so funny. She told me I had to open it. (Tracy knows how wary I am of such things….)

Anyway, I did …… and…. she was right! I thought it was very funny. So funny, in fact, I had to figure out a way to get out to my contacts without the risks of forwarding a chain e-mail …. a quick google search and here you go….

Girlfriend 6.0 vs. Wife 1.0.

Take a peek if you’re in the mood to at least smirk, if not out and out giggle.

Thanks for the laugh Tracy! :)

10 Things I Took Away From LegalTech NY

  1. Lots more legal administrators, IT managers and consultants were walking about the Expo floor
  2. The vendors are getting creative with their displays
  3. Mainstream businesses are starting to show
  4. Still no place to sit to collect your thoughts or check your e-mail
  5. The NY area ABA Solosez group are a great bunch
  6. Speed pass rules (checking in was a snap)
  7. Parking in a hotel lot in NYC is quite expensive
  8. Starbucks on the other side of the hotel “cafe” has a great little nook to steal a quiet cup of joe
  9. The capital of Saskatchewan yelled out loud on the trade show floor can easily be misheard
  10. There is no substitute for face to face time to connect with people :)

Look for my next post: who I connected with at LegalTech NY.

Also, check out the updated look of


Andrea Cannavina, MVA