Tech Challenged Attorneys – Help is On Demand

I recently attended a presentation offered by the State Bar of Wisconsin. It was called Taming the Technology In Your Practice – Practice Smart, Make More Money, Have a Life! and was presented by legal technology expert Ross Kodner, Esq.

I first learned of Ross in the blogging world and began interacting with him through the ABA’s Solosez list serv. At LegalTech NY this year, I got the pleasure of meeting Ross in person – which is why I felt comfortable shelling out $250+ to hear him speak.

As for his presentation? I can’t think of a better investment of my $250 — and I already know my stuff! As for any attorney who wants to learn what works and what doesn’t – you just can’t find this type of detailed and practical, hands on information any where else.

Literally, in one day Ross covers EVERYTHING anyone needs to know to run a small law practice in today’s digital world. In fact, I’d almost say he gives out too much information as my head was swimming after spending the day sitting at my PC listening to every word. There are handouts, but have a notebook handy because if you’re like me, you will be furiously scribbling.

Whether you are just starting out, considering upgrading any part of your practice to digital or are in need of equipment or software – you really can’t find a better concentration of information than this on demand presentation which you can watch from the comfort of your own h/office (that’s home+office) ๐Ÿ˜‰

To view a comprehensive listing of exactly what Ross covers over the course of 7+ hours: click here

To gain access to those 7+ hours of practical information presented by an attorney who’s been using and testing the very same technology he discusses, order your access today.