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Skype/Paypal Security Issues

Interesting read at The Register about how Skype/Paypal users are experiencing breaches and subsequently being locked out of accounts and/or having their contacts disappear:

Anyone who stores information in their Skype/Google or other on line free account (first shame on you!) – next back it up. ;)

Directions for Skype are in the story.

Affinity Blog Post: The Dinosaur List – LegalTypist Comments

I am a huge fan of The Affinity Law Office Newsletter produced by InTouch Legal and Affinity Consulting located down in Florida.

Today’s edition sent me to the blog, where I found an interesting entry called The Dinosaur List – which comments on the technology tagged by Laptop Magazine in its September 2008 issue as soon to be extinct/replaced. Here’s the list:

  1. Landline phones and dial-up Internet – replaced by broadband.
  2. Desktop Computers – replaced by notebooks or all-in-one touchscreen PC’s.
  3. Wired “wall-wart” chargers – this may be the most welcome extinction as contactless charging emerges.
  4. Hard drives – Solid State Drives (SSD’s) are here now and growing in capacity while falling in price.
  5. USB and video cables – replaced by short-range wireless technology.
  6. Optical media (DVD’s and CD’s) – Multimedia content will be streamed from the web,not stored locally on optical media.
  7. USB flash drives – will follow the floppy disk into extinction as data “in the cloud” becomes available through all-the-time everywhere broadband connections.
  8. Satellite radio – replaced by streaming content over mobile broadband, even in your car.

Here’s my take:

1. What happens when the broadband goes out?

2. Desktop computers are the work horse of the information age. Hardwired to the Internet using cable and a password protected firewall connection is the best/safest possible. Desktops are not going anywhere anytime soon! ;)

3. No comment other than I hate wires so “Yeah!”

4. No comment.

5. See #3 above.

6. DVDs and CDs are a very economical way to transport digital media for use in all different types of equipment. I see them improving by being made out of more sturdy materials or coated with something to make them resist scratching.

7. Not a huge fan of portable storage devices – especially for users who handle their SD/USB all the time, plug it into all different types of equipment and then wonder why it’s acting “funny”. Lets not forget they are very easily LOST with lots of information generally best left private.

8. Who’s the big fan of broadband? Laptop Magaizne … NO! hehehehe Well, not me – that’s for sure. I want to hear my music loud and clear – not streamed over wireless connections on bad weather days!


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The Affinity Blog goes on to state:

This list will have an impact on the way we run our law practices as well. We may retain “stationary” phones, but they will be VoIP, not copper wire dial-up. And with the price/performance gap between desktops and notebooks fast disappearing, the flexibility of notebooks will win out for most lawyers. And even today, you can order (for a premium) your new notebook PC with a Solid State Drive.

I see law firm communications taking advantage of VoIP but through carriers who provide the actual wired internet service to their offices. Why? Lawyers need someone to yell at and workman with tools around very quickly when something isn’t working! 1-800 service to far away customer support centers don’t really cut it in the legal realm (nor should they in any other industry IMHO). And finally:

But I personally will miss my Sirius satellite radio service. Anyone who spends much time driving knows how vapid broadcast radio has become. Sirius (and probably XM, although I am not as familiar with that service that is soon to merge with Sirius) provides a nice mix of music and news. I especially enjoy the two full-time NPR channels.

I too am a fan of Sirius radio – and also don’t see it going anywhere to be missed. My preferred Channels are 15 and 21. The reason I love Sirius so much is the fact that I am not subjected to commercials such as NY’s public service message – “If You See Something, Say Something” or the even better “I’m a mother of two who has breast cancer but I know I’m going to be ok because of such and such place”.

As a person who could see the smoke rising on 9/11 – hearing that See Something/Say Something commercial several times a day keeps you tense. Of course, I’m also a mother of two who lives in the greatest density of breast cancer in the nation. Who needs to be continually reminded of this crap?

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