7 Scary Things I Hear All The Time

As a digital coach, I hear lots of scary stories about how offices are set up and run. Here’s the 7 top scariest things I hear when consulting business owners about their processes:

7. I use ordinary e-mail to transfer the files and documents between myself and my _________ (staff, clients, colleagues,VA, team members).

6. I know, I know – I really do plan on getting to backing up my computer.

5. I don’t use a computer guy – I just go to _______ (Best Buy, Circuit City, Stapes); and the equally bad

4. My ______ (grandson, nephew, neighbor’s kid) takes care of my computer.

3. I have an e-mail address, it’s on my letterhead. No, I never check it. Why?

2. I download free stuff all the time.

and the #1 scariest thing I hear all the time….

1. I use Google for everything!