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…and the winner is!

The winner of the

First Annual LegalTypist Scariest Fingers contest


Sheila Rambeck

Sheila Rambeck, Esq. of Sheila L. Rambeck, P.C., Peachtree City, GA (

That’s right, the Scariest Fingers belong to an attorney! Sheila’s no ordinary attorney though … prior to passing the bar, Sheila was a dedicated legal secretary for over 20 years.

Feel free to congratulate and comment – and hop on over to to learn more about our winner!

LegalTypist's Scariest Fingers Contest Is Open To The Public

If you type abnormally fast – this is definitely the contest for you! LegalTypist is on the hunt this Halloween season for the scariest fingers – you know, those fingers that type so fast you stop in your tracks just from hearing the keystrokes?!

If you or anyone you know types really, really fast – let them know they could easily win some really cool stuff, just by taking a 3 minute test and submitting the results. No downloads or any “tech” necessary – just an e-mail address, the ability to navigate to this website:

and follow these directions:

  1. In the middle of the page you will see an orange “Click here” to start the on line typing test. Click there.
  2. You will need to provide your name, e-mail address and company name but you do not have to sign up for an account or download anything.
  3. You may need to make the typing “box” larger by dragging a corner… this is so you do not have to scroll during the test.
  4. When the test is done, the results page will pop up. Print the results page to .pdf and e-mail to support[at], or print out the actual page/screen and fax to 888-255-5266.

You can take the test as many times as you want; however, only one entry (the first) will be accepted.

The contest will remain open until midnight EST Thursday, October 30th and the winner will be announced here on the blog on Halloween.


Are You Tired of Typing?
Try talking instead!
First job free – no strings attached. Call 1-877-465-5012, enter 1234567 and follow the prompts. All documents created by US based Digital Assistants and returned within 24 hours.

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Now, what does the winner get?

For starters – they get to be the first ever winner of the LegalTypist Scariest Fingers Contest that is open to the public. Previously, we’ve only done this with the Digital Assistants of LegalTypist and Tracy S. gets those bragging rights!

OK. So what else besides being #1 and having the bragging rights to the Scariest Fingers does our winner receive? How ’bout:

  • Their name and company url announced and published on this blog on Halloween
  • Write up in November issue of The Legal Connection E-zine – read by 100′s of legal professionals each month (note, not just sent to, but ‘read‘)
  • A copy of Judith Kallos’ e-book: E-mail Etiquette (a treasure trove of practical information on using e-mail properly)
  • Five 20 minute coaching sessions* with Master Virtual Assistant Andrea Cannavina. (Find out more here)
  • 2 free accounts on LegalTypist’s own secure and easy to use technology so the winner can perform transcription services over the web or open their very own digital transcription practice.

Go ahead, click on this link or the one above and take the test; or send your fast typing friends on over to enter and


*These sessions can be used by the winner to “go virtual” and open their own practice, or can be provided to friends, relatives, employer/ees …. anyone who’s upgrading a piece of equipment or tech who would like the brain of someone knowledgeable and friendly to pick before shelling out the moola.

Great Gift Idea – Dual Monitor/Laptop Stand ($150-$200)

Do you know someone who uses a laptop but wishes they had a “real” keyboard, mouse and/or screen when working from home?

What about someone who is constantly clicking back and forth from a .pdf or other type of file being used for reference and the application they are actually working in?

Do you own a laptop which, for the most part, just sits in its case, not being called into service until you need to “go mobile”?

If any of the above sound like you or someone you know, what’s missing from the equation is the proper stand to allow use of a laptop more efficiently when not mobile, or to add a laptop as a second monitor in a home based office system.

Having dual monitors is especially helpful to those who store their documents digitally. Used to be you had papers on your desk you referenced while you used your computer/monitor for drafting your correspondence. When your documents are only available as images – you’re forced to split your screen or constantly shift from one application to another (Alt+Tab).

With the above stand, anyone can turn an underused laptop into a dual monitor set up or use a “real” monitor, keyboard and mouse to control their laptop when in their h-office*.

Heck, from I understand Al Gore has 3 HUGE monitors in his office (well, he did create the internet after all… hehehe)

Navigate to Tiger Direct
to get the best price before they are sold out!


*h-office stands for ‘home’ plus ‘office’ – h-office. Use it if you like, but always reference when you do!

7 Scary Things I Hear All The Time

As a digital coach, I hear lots of scary stories about how offices are set up and run. Here’s the 7 top scariest things I hear when consulting business owners about their processes:

7. I use ordinary e-mail to transfer the files and documents between myself and my _________ (staff, clients, colleagues,VA, team members).

6. I know, I know – I really do plan on getting to backing up my computer.

5. I don’t use a computer guy – I just go to _______ (Best Buy, Circuit City, Stapes); and the equally bad

4. My ______ (grandson, nephew, neighbor’s kid) takes care of my computer.

3. I have an e-mail address, it’s on my letterhead. No, I never check it. Why?

2. I download free stuff all the time.

and the #1 scariest thing I hear all the time….

1. I use Google for everything!


  1. To use less ink/toner, set your printer to the draft setting
  2. Use the 2-up layout in Properties to print two pages per sheet
  3. Use both front and back sides of paper for drafts
  4. Get a printer that has separate color cartridges or better yet, invest in a laser printer which costs much less to operate
  5. Use Ctrl+P from most applications to get to the printer controls

Since I’m discussing “printing”, just had to share the below YouTube video. My husband (who works for a large business machine company) and I both laughed out loud when we saw this. Personally, I say the machine had it coming!

Enjoy! ;)

Twitter + Tools For Outlook – A. Kalli

Want to know how to use Twitter for business?

Fellow VA Andrea Kalli conducted this webinar for small service based professionals on using Twitter for business. Along with learning the fundamentals of Twitter, Andrea discusses some great Twitter ad ons for better Outlook integration (she is an Outlook expert after all!) ;)

Click here to view Andrea’s class.

Also, please mark your calendar to join Andrea and I this Friday (November 21st) at 1pm Eastern as we debut our radio show: 2 Girls Talk Tech . We’ll be discussing the tech we’re thankful for and taking tech questions from live callers. If you’d like to let us know you’ll be there, or wish a copy of our previous podcast, use the form below to register:

Make It A Habit If You Can

Here are some great insights about any systems you plan to put in place from the blog post: How Not To Forget Anything Ever Again by Tim Ferris:

With the proper habits and the right tools, you and your brain won’t have to remember a thing again.

4 Critical Habits

If you want a system to work, you’ve got to develop the habits to make it work. It’s that simple — without the habits, the system will fall apart — always. You’ve done it again and again, and so have I: set up a great system that works for a few days, maybe even a week. Then it slowly falls by the wayside.

Focus on developing these habits for one month. If you can do that, the habits should stick.

Make a note, immediately

Use your lists and tools, consistently

Archive and search, don’t file

Make it quick and painless

Let’s take these one at a time:

1. Make a note, immediately. Whether you use pen/paper, a recording device or computer, it is imperative that when you have a thought, you make a note of it right then and there. Although I consider myself quite the techy-girl, my pr

eferred method to capture random thoughts is a plain old paper calendar/notebook. I just find I remember things better when I physically write them down.

2. Use your lists and tools, consistently. If you do not always make a note when you think of it, chances are you will stop making notes altogether. When you’re not making notes – you’re relying on your brain to remember – which as stated above, is not the best tool for the job! Obviously when you put a system in place, you have to stick with it or you will end up right back where you stared – in need of a system to stay on top of everything!

3. Archive and search – don’t file. I agree with this to a point. I stopped trying to create projects, rules, categories and folders as a way to get a handle on e-mail about three years ago. I realized I was spending far too much time creating all of this “organization” – yet whenever I needed something, I still couldn’t find it! Now, I file all e-mails in a folder by month (i.e., 2008-08). Since I can generally recall about the time frame of a certain missive – I just head on over to that month’s folder, sort by name and 9 times out of 10, viola! (P.S. This also assists with back up and storage as I print each month’s folder to .pdf and add it to My Documents for inclusion with my back up system.)

4. Make it quick and painless. I wholeheartedly agree that whatever system you put in place, that it be something extremely easy to get at and use. Of course, my clients use the tech of LegalTypist and simply dial the phone whenever they want to get some information or a document out. How quick and painless is dialing a phone?

Of course, don’t take my word for it! Dial 877-465-5012 and enter 1234567 as the user ID. You’ll be asked to record your e-mail address and phone number – but really just follow the prompts. For step by step instructions, click here.

If you keep the four points outlined above in mind when putting a system in place, chances are it will be that much more likely to actually work!


Feel overwhelmed? Too much to keep track of an no idea what systems you should even have? Don’t be embarassed, you are not alone! Right now check out Tracey Lawton’s Completely Organized Office. In less than four weeks (and for less than $100), Tracey (as painlessly as possible) walks you through getting your files, rolodex, bookkeeping and marketing under control and working for you! It’s never too early to set yourself up for success! Get your copy today, and plan to be organized for 2009. Click here