5 Good Reasons I Enjoy & Use Twitter

Here’s 5 good reasons why I enjoy and use twitter:

1.  Twitter is one of the main reasons I attended the ABA’s TechShow in Chicago earlier this month.  This is because I had already established relationships with so many of those going and twitter helped me find more.  Just a sampling of those I was able to meet face to face: @lawfirmblogger @matthoman @SoFlaEstatePlan @rocketmatter @econwriter5 @david_bilinsky @lisasolomon @AdrianaL @jimcalloway @Rex7 @JDTwitt @TomMighell (that’s pronounced “Mile” lol) @kevinokeefe @AsifChoksi @DennisKennedy

2.  Twitter allowed me to help a legal tech/peep in for LegalTech NY who had forgotten his Treo charger.  On Day 2 I met @rocketmatter by the coffee vendor so I could hand him one of my extras (yes, he returned it with a nice handwritten note too!) :)

3.  Twitter is driving traffic to my site.  Mostly to the page with my Twitter 101 Guide + other interesting twitter intel; as well as to my site’s Security Page (http://www.legaltypist.com/security) (thanks to all who keep RT this information).

4.  Twitter gets my company’s name in front of and showcases my expertise to a lot influential legal techy type peeps – all day, every day.

5.  Twitter lets me highlight other legal techy peeps – which I find through twitter or while otherwise snuffling the web.  @ExpertParalegal and @bschorr are two non-attorneys who come to mind when thinking of twitter + professional.  @ExpertParalegal is just that and @bschorr is Ben Schorr, an expert on Outlook who wrote Outlook for Lawyers (to learn more about Ben or buy his book, click here).

If you are tired of hearing about twitter and wondering if its going to be all its cracked up to be or a total waste of your time, there’s only one way to find out.  Download and read my Twitter 101 Guide which gives you step by step instructions (including screenshots) on how to open and easily set up your own twitter account – from picking a twitter name, to filling in your profile, to what to say… spend 15 minutes looking over Twitter 101 and 5 minutes setting up the account.  After that… you don’t have to use it, but what …

just if…

you got as much out of twitter as I have?