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Frugal Freebie – PrimoPDF


There’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for a program to create .pdf files.  I’ve been using and recommending PrimoPDF for at least six years.


PrimoPDF is a reliable and FREE program which allows you to print anything to .pdf.  Download from the site, install and when you select Print from any program – you will see that PrimoPDF is now an option you can select to print to.

Once you select the PrimoPDF print driver, a new dialogue box like the one below will open:


From this box, you select the button with the “..” on it,  select which folder you want the finished .pdf to go, name your .pdf and click Create PDF.  PrimoPDF takes it from there.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how the other buttons function (Document Properties, Security, etc.): PrimoPDF Primer


What Do The Upcoming Holidays Mean? Mail Merge!

I’m not sure why, but there are a few techy-ish terms that seem to freak people out:  RSS, FTP and mail merge have to be the top three.  It’s like once you get the sound out or letters written, peeps are already tuning out thinking that this is something far and above them, technologically speaking.

The difference between the three is most peeps can simply ignore RSS or FTP – but when the holidays come, everyone needs to know how to do a mail merge in order to get those holiday cards out to their clients, prospects and connections as efficiently as possible.

Mail merges are not that hard and in this day an age can almost be performed from any program – Word and Outlook all have the function to perform a mail merge.

Here’s detailed instructions for using Word/Outlook.  It’s a link to a 40 minute video tutorial directly from Microsoft Office Online:

Mail Merge with Word

and from

Mail Merge with Outlook

Mail Merge with Excel

I suggest you start with the video – and take the time to watch it completely (or give your assistant the time to watch it from start to finish). When done, you/she/he should have no problems setting up and tweaking a mail merge.

Of course, if you do encounter problems, dial my digits or set up a free appointment here.

…and the winner is…

The winner of the 2009 LegalTypist Scariest Fingers Contest is…

Sharon Sutinen of Vital Virtual Services (

Sharon came in at a blazing 84 words per minute.

For her time, effort and speed Sharon won:

1.  A copy of E-mail Etiquette by Judith Kallos

2.  Set up of two accounts on LegalTypist’s tech so she can offer her clients dial in dictation and a secure way to transfer/track the workflow of her practice.

3. 3 20 minute tech coaching sessions with yours truly to use herself, or give to family/friends/colleagues.