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TechShow Update – the wrap up

I was approached by more than one person with positive feedback on my thoughts re: Day 1 of Techshow.  What I quickly learned though was that if I did not SCHEDULE time to blog, I was not going to find it.  Seriously, who wants to go to their room alone when so much is going on?  Not me! Therefore, sorry for the delay but here is the Synopsis of Day 2 and a quick mention of Day 3.

Day 2:

Attended Computing in the Cloud session with David Bilinsky and Matt Kesner.  Honestly, I could listen to David talk all day.  Along with understanding a lot of the implications of cloud computing, he has a voice like butter!

Next was Hey You, Got Onto My Cloud with Catherine Sanders Reach.  Catherine looks like a girly girl, but just like AdrianaL – she’s all geek.  Lots of recommended cloud applications which I will share in the near future.

Next, I went to the Taking Your Office Virtual session with Nicole Garton-Jones and Alan Wernick.  I don’t believe this session was properly titled as it was more of what you can do if virtual than how to get virtual.  By the way, if youw ant to learn of one of my recommended techs to get you virtual fast, join me on April 7th – more info here.)

As for touring the Expo, on Day 2 I got to meet up with Larry Port and @ArielD – the main peeps from RocketMatter who were this year accompanied by the lovely Kim (also a Palm girl).  I learned at TechShow that RocketMatter is integrating trust accounting into their on line practice management tech – worth a look/assessment for those considering taking their practice management into the cloud.

I wrapped up Day 2′s sessions with Beyond the Keyboard – Workflow Alternatives with Britt Lorish.  Britt is a fellow non-lawyer and she and I also share a love of lots of the same 80′s New Wave music.  Her session was informative and Britt had actual equipment which she invited attendees to hold and ask questions.  Britt is a great speaker, however, her talk revolved around Dragon and I still think that speech recognition removes the most important part of the process:  the human brain.  Dictation is not just about getting words on a page – it is delegation by voice … really, really.

Completing Day 2‘s educational sessions was the very popular 60 Tips in 60 Minutes.

From there, it was off to the hotel lobby bar to meet up with Kevin O’Keefe and the Beer for Bloggers event; then a taste of Chicago Style pizza with @BSchorr and @DominicJaar, followed by a wonderful evening with @AlanKlevan and @AllisonShields, @CarolynElefant, a few vendors and other legal geeky types at Chicago’s Sushi Samba.  Lots of fun, even if no dancing (unless you count JD Supra‘s Managing Director Aviva bopping and moving to the tunes every so often)(FYI, she’s another Palm girl).  In any event, certainly a fun time was had by all and thanks again to @goclio‘s Jack for his company and hospitality!

Day 3 constituted going to only one session –  the ever popular 60 Websites in 60 Minutes.  Lots of websites worth a look – the full list is here.  Maybe next year will be my year. ;)

While working on this post, I’ve also been cleaning up my notes/tweets from the sessions I attended.  Up first will be Creating Your Online Presence with my gracious TechShow roomie: Carolyn Elefant

Techshow Update Day 1

So far today has been a whopper!

Started off with Welcome by ABA Techshow Chair Debbie Foster at 8am and right into the first session: Creating Your Online Presence with Carolyn Elefant and Nicole Black. I quickly learned that there was no way the internet could keep up with the speed of my tweets or the content, so have taken notes and will add a post with them later today. Good intel!

Next up was the Expo – lots of good stuff here. I’m not saying that LegalTech NY doesn’t have good stuff – it’s just a completely different vibe in the room. Lots of people actually talking to the vendors instead of just trying to grab a give away.

Spoke with:
1. Corel – who just launched X5 which I will also review on the blog later this month.
2. Clio – on line practice management. Can’t say enough good things about this product or the people running the company.
3. Legal Workspaces – new to the legal tech scene, this company offers you a virtual desktop (so all programs for running your law practice are maintained on their servers in Denver). Pretty cool.
4. NY Times – signed up for Sunday delivery for less than $3 per week (can’t get that price in NY!)
5.  Direct Law – this one’s interesting.  They help lawyers get virtual, but there’s more.  They have a product that is like a law firm’s own private LegalZoom. Clients go on line and answer questions and documents are generated automatically; then reviewed by law firm.  Definitely keeping this one on my radar.

That’s about it for now.  Gotta get back down to try to locate the Solosezzer who registered on the SuperPass but then called me right before the Keynote to say they didn’t have her registration. 

Will post again later tonight.

LegalTypist #TechShow Schedule


I’m off tomorrow to the ABA’s TechShow.  This is the second year I join lots of other legal geeky people in Chicago for three days of education, networking and just plain old hanging out and having fun.

Here’s my proposed schedule:

Wednesday, March 24:

1:00 pm arrive at Chicago Hilton.

2:00-4:00 assist a few exhibitors with their booths; unpack, meet up with Chelsey from Total Attorneys and generally mill about

5:00 – 6:30  Dinner with ?

6:30 – 11:00 assist Matt Homann and attend IgniteLaw (sold out)

Thursday, March 25:

8:00 – 8:15 Welcome Session

8:30 – 9:30 Creating Your Online Presence with Carolyn Elefant

9:30 – 10:15 visit Exhibitor Booths and catch up with old friends

11:00-12:00 Managing Your Online Presence: The Care and Feeding of the Online You

12:00 – 1:30 Keynote Address &  Lunch

1:30 – 2:30  Grabbing coffee and touring Expo

2:30 – 3:30 Digital Workflow: Developing the Paperless Habit

4:00 – 5:00 The Lawyer’s Guide To Social Media

5:00 – 6:00 Welcome Reception – Hilton Lobby

6:00 – 7:00 TechShow tweet-up at Kitty O’Sheas in Hilton lobby and hopefully meet up with Amy Derby

7:15 – ?   Taste of Techshow Dinner

Friday, March 26:

8:00 – 9:00 Document Management on a Dime

10:00 – 11:00 VoIP for the Solo/Small Firm

11:45 – 1:00 Lunch-n-Learn Session C

1:15 – 2:15 Taking Your Office Virtual

2:15 – 3:15 Grabbing coffee and touring Expo

3:15 – 4:15 Beyond the Keyboard: Workflow Alternatives

5:30 – 7:30 Beer for Bloggers

7:30 – ?  Taste of TechShow Dinner

Saturday, March 27:

8:30 – 9:30 Alternative Billing

9:45 – 10:45  The Traveling Lawyer

11:00 – 12:00 60 Sites in 60 Minutes (let’s see if LegalTypist makes it this year!)

Of course, none of the above is written in stone.  So if you are in Chicago want to meet up, just call me – 888 two five five 5266.  You can also follow my tweets on twitter (@legaltypist); or the hashtag #techshow.  It is my hope to tweet from the sessions I attend, however, I hear internet is iffy.

Also, I don’t leave Chicago until the evening so if anyone wants to get together for lunch on Saturday or to stroll around (weather permitting), call me!

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

There’s lots of information about me out there on the web.  Let’s face it, I’ve been 100% virtual for close to 9 years now.  However, being a security freak – most of it is professional and not much is personal.

Hence, this post.  Here’s 5 things you probably don’t know (and can’t find out on line) about me:

1.  I am a twin.  He’s a boy.  That makes us fraternal.

2.  Although I have lived in NY since a teenager, I’m Canadian by birth.  Born in Hamilton, Ontario on March 29th (I won’t say which year).

3.  I’m allergic to milk.  Gives me asthma attacks.  No milk = no asthma.

4.  I studied accounting in college – got 90′s with no effort but literally hated it.  So I became a legal secretary as a way to earn income while figuring what I wanted to do in life (and it became my life).

5.  I like to ride – I have a motorcycle license (rode a Yamaha senior year of high school); and I got up to jumping 4′ cross rails on horseback before having kids (then decided it was too dangerous a sport for a mother of young kids.)

hmmm… the kids are getting older… ;)

Do You Work at a Solo/Small Firm? If so…

… and the equipment/software/technology you are using is circa 1999-2006 – you NEED to go to Techshow in Chicago, March 25-27.  Remember, it’s not a question of if your equipment will fail – it’s a question of when!

Attend Techshow and learn from people who work with and in law firms all day every day to improve legal processes and use all kinds of tech to it’s fullest.

Early bird discount has ended – but if you send an e-mail to, you’ll be added to the list for the SuperPass discount and receive full admission for less than $500 (going rate is $1,000+).

Don’t miss out.  Email today.

D-A-F-T = GTD + Zero Inbox + Time Blocking

You process much more information than you did ten years ago. But do you have more time every day to do so?Unfortunately, while the practice of law has changed, the laws of physics have not. A day still has only 24 hours and you still need to sleep.

Enter D-A-F-T — an organizational system created by yours truly.  D-A-F-T incorporates some of the principles of other systems including Getting Things Done, Zero Inbox and Time Blocking but D-A-F-T has two important differences:

  • less of a time commitment; and
  • more flexibility.

Click on the image, download the 4 page .pdf and put D-A-F-T to work in your practice today:

Move Over David Allen A Better Way To Get Things Done!

Thanks for the DAFT article in Technolawyer.  I know a lot of people who could benefit from it.


Thanks for the info on printing the emails.  I started using your DAFT system and my life is already so much easier.


BTW, just got your new TechnoFeature on D-A-F-T  . . . brilliant article!!


I saw your recent article in TechnoLawyer (Move Over David Allen…) and was very impressed.


Congrats on the very helpful Technolawyer article.


Interview: Ben Schorr (@bschorr)


I recently interviewed Ben Schorr, principle of Roland, Schorr & Tower, a legal IT firm based in Hawaii.  Ben has decades of experience working with local firms in setting up their technology; and is the author of several books, including The Lawyers Guide to Outlook 2007.

A majority of our talk revolves around one of my favorite topics – keeping your information and equipment secure and working for you; but we cover a few other items as well.  In this 20 minute interview, Ben also gives out some great tips and few free and for fee product recommendations:

Speaker with soundDigital Security – Interview Ben Schorr

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did! For more information about Ben, visit his site: or contact him on twitter: @bschorr

If you’d like to be interviewed or have any questions for Ben, please leave a comment.

To Buy Ben’s Book:

Lawyer's Guide to Outlook 2007

Attend ABA #TechShow For Less Than $500

Join Us

The first LegalTypist SuperPass group of 10 has been secured and submitted.   I’m working list #2.

SuperPass gets you a full conference pass, including attendance at the Welcome Reception, for only $497.50.  If you’re not a member of the ABA, that’s less than half the rate for this informative and fun conference.

To be included on List #2, simply send your contact information in an e-mail to  You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation that you’ve been added to the list.

If/when list #2 gets to 10 – all will be notified and registration forms sent out.  Payment can be via check or credit card.

For all details about TechShow:

Publishing a Site – nameserver intel


Where you register your domain, such as GoDaddy, and where you host your domain are usually not the same entity.  At least, I don’t recommend that you host at GoDaddy (too slow, etc)…

This means that you need to tell your domain where to find your website (once it’s built).

To do this you need to reset the name servers for your domain to those of your hosting company.  You should have received this information when you signed up for your hosting account (usually via e-mail), or you can generally log in to your hosting account and look it up.

Name server information usually looks like this:

Once you have these two sets of digits, you log into your registrar account, click on the manage domain option and there should be a way to reset the name servers.  Click on that link and enter the digits from your hosting company.  Hit save.

It will not only take your registrar a few moments to apply the change, it can take 24-48 hours for the change to physically populate the internet.  This means make sure you publish a few days before any big public (especially international) launch.

Not all hosting or domain registrars are created equal.  I recommend HostGator for your website; and GoDaddy for registrar.  Don’t get me wrong, GoDaddy has annoying commercials and a lot of suggestive selling; however, I’ve been with them from the beginning and can attest that their service as a registrar is superb and far outweighs the two seconds it takes to click “No Thanks” when buying a new domain.