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50 tweets w/e 07-18-10

Below are 50 of the best tweets I had for the week ended July 18.  Seems as though mobile phones and their security (or lack thereof) was a recurring theme:

  1. @advocatesstudio Good morning! Just got back from my vacation. I enjoyed not being connected for a few days -it’s like I recharged.
  2. Lawyers: Stop selling alternative fees as a way to save your clients $. Sell the value of cost certainty/better service instead @matthomann
  3. RT @TechRepublic Comparing smartphones to cars, from Prius to Lexus §My #Palm is like a VW lol
  4. RT @jimconnolly Should small businesses pretend to be bigger than they really are? Monday, July 12, 2010 11:27:50 AM
  5. RT @econwriter5 NYT Drilling Down: Most Smartphones Are Underused
  6. RT @econwriter5 Dum…dedumdum…RT @DFSaavedra: Suit Against Apple, AT&T Granted Class Status – WSJ:
  7. RT @bschorr Security is like insurance. Everybody thinks they have too much of it, until they discover they have too little.
  8. Lawyers, if you use Outlook 2007, this book is a great guide/reference:
  9. @CariRincker K paralegals are generally certified & do legal research, motion drafting, compiling information, depo summaries while VAs…
  10. … take care of admin/biz stuff, like typing, data entry work, bookkeeping, client contact, appt setting and, of course, the webby stuff.
  11. Begin to Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone: @ginidietrich
  12. Top 6 Mistakes That Can Kill You in Your Practice: Digital Edge podcast w/ @nerinopetro & @jimcalloway
  13. RT @kpdurand Having the flexibility to choose who I work with is one of the fantastic things about being an entrepreneur. §I concur!
  14. Don’t piss off a Mac girl
  15. RT @mirriam71 Pick the Pic – help me pick a picture for my website: with a poll! §I voted for No. 1
  16. Want to see my stove? (and I had it long before Rachel Ray had a tv show). ;)
  17. The Challenge of Unconferences and Panels at Legal Conferences by @kevinokeefe:
  18. New at LegalTypist: Guest Post: How To Have a Mental Breakdown in 11 Easy Steps
  19. What Your Workspace Says About You
  20. “Open communication underpins every effective working relationship, especially that between a lawyer and assistant.” :
  21. RT @ShirleyHuangESQ The Oreo Thin Crisps suck too. RT @cih8u2: These 100 cal. Chips Ahoy taste like chocolate chip flavored paper. §TIA!
  22. @merrickmgt I’m not sure what they said, but I’m anti-anything on or thru Google that is not otherwise public. #justsayin
  23. RT @odonnellsteve US seizes file sharing domains
  24. Note to Attorneys: Communicate With Your Assistants
  25. Writing for your Right People RT @remarkablogger
  26. 8 Things Your Phone Will (Probably) Replace
  27. “Mobile phones are a huge source of vulnerability. We are definitely seeing an increase in criminal activity.”
  28. Can One be Too Frugal? #legal #solosmall #humor #lpm RT @david_bilinsky §Great examples of yes, you can
  29. Everyone likes a public shout out – even lawyers! The Shout-Out Lawyer by @carolynelefant
  30. @taxgirl No muss, no fuss – easy to set up and use. Been using it for years.
  31. @SoFlaEstatePlan You rule! Thanks so much. I might just have to be a newbie at MILOfest this year. You going?
  32. and for those of you not following along – the ScanSnap 1500 will work on both a Mac and PC but does require extra installation of drivers
  33. Many thanks to Mac guys: PA based IP attorney @odonnellsteve & David Shulman (aka @SoFlaEstatePlan) for their kind words today. #ImMacNewbie
  34. FREE 45 minute personalized rainmaking coaching session for US Attorneys courtesy of @JaimieField Details here:
  35. Cracks me up when lawyers make unreasonable demands and include the phrase “do and payable”… <snicker> @LawyerGina §lol
  36. Starting my webinar on how keep your digital and paper worlds organized in 5 minutes. Follow hashtag #wtww
  37. That is DAFT. If you’d like to get the ebook version Of course, email/DM me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  38. @MarkWBennett You can turn it off when making calls – I press *70 to turn off call waiting.
  39. New at LegalTypist: Productivity Perfected
  40. I am consistently amazed to see articles by lawyers that tout new sites/services for “tremendous cost savings” but never mention LegalTypist
  41. I not only save my clients $ (and have for 9+ years), I reduce their stress levels by a factor of 10 (ok, I made that stat up)
  42. RT @btannebaum Lawyer just described a social media consultant to me as “someone who sells air.” §Good one!
  43. Making the Most Out of Digital Dictation: Give It a Try and Get More Done
  44. RT @steigerlaw Text msg to witness (while on the stand!) gets case booted
  45. RT @Stefanie Devery 20 most annoying things at the grocery store §Can’t stand No. 11!
  46. Social Media is Not a Vocation §Really, really
  47. If you’ve never used a tech, haven’t read the TOS and don’t know exactly what it does, you really shouldn’t be recommending it. #justsayin@dgvelaw
  48. Have you met my VA bud @CandyTX? She’s a virtual bookkeeper and really nice person too.
  49. Target invites you and your family to see more of the arts while spending less: Free admission to museums. HT @matthomann
  50. RT @GregBufithis #JD Supra is Now Linked Up to #LinkedIn > world’s largest legal content distribution network §Yeah!

Also, if your inbox is on overflow and you know things are falling through the cracks because your digital information is not organized, check out my DAFT system.  I did a twitter class on it on Wednesday.  You can search for hashtag #wtww (stands for Working the Web Wednesday); or visit my DAFT page to download directly:

Guest Post: How To Have a Mental Breakdown in 11 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “How can I add more stress to my life?” Of course, we all have. But now, for the first time ever, comes a comprehensive guide to take the guesswork out of getting stressed. Never before has such a thorough, step-by-step guide to your very own mental breakdown been published, be it online or off. If you can master these easy to follow instructions, you too can be the envy of all your friends and find yourself well on your way to a life you’ve only dreamed of!

  1. Treat traffic jams exactly as they are: carefully planned and sinister conspiracies designed to keep you from your destination.
  2. Pack your day so full that you are not distracted by superficial things like the sunset, the smell of roses, or the toddler smiling at you from across the grocery aisle.
  3. Avoid the time wasting activity known as sleep. For best results, try to keep it under four or five hours per night.
  4. Take everything seriously because, obviously, it is.
  5. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting big, amazing, wonderful things to happen. They probably won’t and you’ll just end up disappointed anyway. And while you’re at it, pat yourself on the back for outgrowing the silly practice of believing in things like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and God.
  6. Make sure you eat most meals either in the car, near the microwave, or from your recliner. If someone invites you to join them for a dinner that is likely to last more than fifteen minutes, respectfully decline.
  7. Don’t bother asking questions. You probably know all the answers anyway. If you don’t, just act like you do. And remember, “Because we’ve always done it this way” is a perfectly good answer to a almost every question.
  8. You can take some time for yourself, but only if you’re caught up on all of your work, your e-mail inbox is completely empty, your bills are paid, and your junk mail has all been alphabetically sorted. And the grass has been cut.
  9. If someone drags you on some sort of “vacation,” be sure to bring your beeper. Also, figure out the total time you’ll be on said “vacation” and plan things to do and see that will accommodate roughly double or triple that time.
  10. Spend most of your waking hours — remember, you should be shooting for about 20 of those a per day — doing things that completely drain you. You know, the stuff you’d never do in a million years if they didn’t pay you such a good salary.
  11. If all else fails and you forget the other guidelines, a handy shortcut is to observe a child and do the exact opposite.

As you can see, a complete and utter mental breakdown does not require any extraordinary skills. By following these simple steps, literally anyone can have one. However, a failure to comply with the majority of the steps listed here may result in a life that is less-stressed and more fun and fulfilling. Good luck!


Jason Kotecki is a mild-mannered cartoonist, speaker, and author with the mission of helping people diagnose, treat, and cure cases of Adultitis. He is the creator of the hilarious internationally-known comic strip, Kim & Jason, and the author of “Escape Adulthood: 8 Secrets from Childhood for the Stressed-Out Grown-Up.” Read his blog, listen to his podcast, reminisce about your own childhood and sign up to receive free comics and tips on escaping adulthood at

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