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2 Cyber Monday Tech Deals You'll Only Find Today

Cyber MondayTech Deal No. 1:

Lenovo PC/Tablet: X220t for less than $1,000

This Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet has a touch screen that swivels flat and works with the stylus or your finger.

Cyber Monday Tech Deal No. 1

I recommend the following customizations:
Upgrade to Windows Professional 7 for $50 <-this is a MUST
Upgrade to the 3.3 antennae at no charge
Add the Fingerprint reader for $20 <-cool factor worth $20
Add Bluetooth for $20
Upgrade to Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 at no charge
No need to go through all the options/ad ons and what not  – once you get to the wireless customizations and select the free Intel Centrino upgrade, click on the tab at top “4. Review” then click on green “Add to Cart” button.
Your total should be $991.20 with free shipping.
Don’t forget to enter code: CYBERMONDAY to receive the full discount.


Cyber Monday Tech Deal No. 2:

Hosting Accounts 50% off at Host Gator

I recommend Host Gator hosting – especially for those who wish to work in WordPress.

Cpanel allows for easy WordPress installs, as well as administration of email and other domain functions through the intuitive Cpanel user interface.  I also like the fact that Host Gator servers are located in Texas.  I recommend the Business Plan to my clients – today only $6.47 per month. (click picture above, select View Web Hosting Plans – Business Plan is on the right.)


Leave a comment if you know of any Cyber Monday only deals on tech you’d recommend.

My Favorite Season


Fall has always been my favorite season.  Summer is too hot and humid; Spring is too wet; and Winter in New York in a word – DULL – the sky is grey, the snow is grey – everything is grey!

Fall brings with it not only the glorious colors of nature’s ever changing masterpiece of leaves, but also the bounty of the harvest – when you reap the benefits of those seeds you sowed way back when you were still longing for the more carefree days of Summer.

This makes Fall the perfect time to take a step back and evaluate some of your practice’s processes to determine if how you are doing things is actually working – the most cost effective – or the best possible way to get things done.  By taking a few hours now to assess your processes* you will be provided with enough time to research or implement any necessary changes before January 1 – which will be here before you know it!

And here’s a friendly reminder: line up your year end promotional products and holiday cards now.  Get it out of the way so you won’t have to rush come December. 

In fact, you may want to consider sending out a card thanking your clients on or around Thanksgiving.  In so doing, your card will arrive first – rather than with the masses.  One caveat: if you decide to go this route, then it is important that you actually (in your own handwriting) add your signature (and perhaps a sentence or two to that client).  Anything but your own time/handwriting can be seen as less than genuine and who want’s that?!

Back to the topic at hand – for so many reasons, Fall is my favorite season.  I’m certainly not looking forward to the cold, bleak, wet days of Winter – except, perhaps, that I get to wear boots.  Don’t know if it’s the Canadian in me – I just LOVE boots!

My bud and jewelry maker extrodinnare @SueanneShirzay recently published a video post about her boots over on the Does This Look Good On Me? blog.  Perhaps I’ll break out the camera and video my own little collection (I counted – 6.5 7.5 pairs of boots. Yes. .5 – I’ll explain in the video.)

If you’re still reading this far and have any suggestions to help me get over the winter blues before they even set in – comment.  What keeps you happy through the dark days of Winter?


*For a quick education on processes and systems, listen to the BYOB podcast with attorney Ernie Svenson (@ernieattorney): Part 1 and Part 2.  Each part is less than 20 minutes and Part 3 will be released with the next issue of The Legal Connection ezine so if you’re not signed up: <-upper right corner