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Links to State Opinions re: Cloud Computing and Lawyers


State Bar of Arizona Ethics Opinion 05-04: Electronic Storage; Confidentiality

State Bar of Arizona Ethics Opinion 09-04: Confidentiality; Maintaining Client Files; Electronic Storage; Internet


Iowa State Bar Association Committee on Ethics and Practice Guidelines: Ethics Opinion 11-01: “Use of Software as a Service – Cloud Computing


Maine State Bar Professional Ethics Commission: “Client Confidences: Confidential firm data held electronically and handled by technicians for third-party vendors;” Opinion 194

New Jersey:

New Jersey Bar Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics: “Electronic Storage and Access of Client Files;” Opinion 701

New York:

New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics: Opinion 842

New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics: Opinion 820

North Carolina:

North Carolina State Bar Association Proposed 2011 Formal Ethics Opinion 6: “Subscribing to Software as a Service While Fulfilling the Duties of Confidentiality and Preservation of Client Property


Pennsylvania Bar Association Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Informal Opinion 2010-60 unfortunately is only available on line to Pennsylvania Bar members.  However, the Spring 2011 issue of At Issue – a publication by and for the Young Lawyers Division of the Pennsylvania Bar Association has an article discussing that opinion: Cloud Computing 101 for Lawyers (pg 8)


Oregon State Bar Association Formal Ethics Opinion Number 2011-188: “Information Relating to the Representation of a Client: Third-Party Electronic Storage of Client Materials

Working the Web Wednesday: LinkedIN

I think of LinkedIn as the “professional” or “work” social media option. It was started for businesses to connect (not college kids) and has maintained it’s focus throughout the years.

Just like with any other social media, with LinkedIN:

1.  you have to use it regularly to connect with your followers/connections/subscribers
2.  consider it a way to network and get your name/biz “out there” to as many strangers as possible
3.  it won’t land you a job/client; but it could certainly cause you to not get one

As for how I use LinkedIn:

I have my bio – which is a good 3rd party site to send people to who really don’t know me or what I do at all:

I also have The Legal Connection LinkedIn Group – which is not very active – mostly I use it to get the more “legal” information I find on twitter and such out to those connections – which are mostly practicing attorneys.

I also post the educational things I do and find which are free/low cost and reputable; and distribute my ezine through my LinkedIn Groups as well.

I think the best way for anyone to “work” social media is to pick one social media tech/tool/platform and really focus on using it (like I do twitter); but also have accounts on the others which occasionally get relevant content for that audience to maintain the positive connection with both the audience and for SEO purposes.

The more connections you have, the better.

eDeal of the Day: Dymo Twin Turbo only $49

Dymo Twin Turbo only $49

Amazon is selling the Dymo Twin Turbo 450 for $99 and Dymo has a $50 mail in rebate in place through 12/31/11.  Download the Rebate pdf here

5 Reasons Why To Buy A Dymo:

It improves on the process a few ways.

1.  Doesn’t matter what size envelope – you’re slapping a label on them
2.  No need to use sheets of labels (although you do have to buy special labels for the printer)
3.  You get an Endicia account (hopefully still free) – which allows you to use your Dymo and special postage labels to print postage. is $15 per month just to have the account and you need special labels
4. Allows you get Dymo Label – or a little known tech that removes the tedious task of opening randomly named documents from a pool of scanned stuff – to move to correct folder and rename. Instead you make reservation for said document; print out bar code (on regular paper); place bar code sheet in front of document to scanned; place upside down in to be scanned pile; and scan the pile when you have time.  All documents go where you said to put them in the bar code.


5.  The blue lights on the front remind me of the movie Batteries Not Included – so just looking at the dang thing makes me smile