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Got Email Overload? Here's a tip… just use gmail

OutboxWhat?!  Did you read that correctly?!! I know that is what many of you are saying to yourself!

Yes – the person who usually refers to Google as “the Borg” and who routinely cautions business people away from Google products – is saying use gmail.  Here’s how and why:

Do not use your primary/business/domain email address when you sign up for newsletters, alerts, ecourses or other freebie (yet valuable) content.  Instead, route these types of non-business related items through a free gmail address.

If you wish, you can then pull the separate gmail address into your mobile devices; Outlook or other email application – in essence still keeping the information as readily available as actual important business communications – however, it is never mingled WITH your important/business communications. By not mixing the two, you keep the volume of email stored/routed through your domain at a minimum while at the same time, keep your domain account focused only actual business communications. You now no longer need to spend the time necessary to administer the non-business related content – remember – it takes time even just to hit delete!

You certainly do not even have to load gmail to your email application.  For instance, if you find this type of content too distracting – then only log into that gmail account when you have down time or need to cull your now personalized database by keyword or topic.  Truly, gmail is the perfect tech for this type of unstructured, unlimited amount of data that is always keyword searchable.

I’ve recently heard of routing things of this nature (newsletters) through Evernote – but I don’t agree.

The way I see it – eventually you pay for storage – either at the domain level or to a company like Evernote.

The more you have to store, the bigger the cost.

Why clog a tech that you have to pay for with content that is not directly related to the running of your business?

Just use gmail.