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Domains for Sale/Donation

I’m cleaning house and below is a list of domains I own that are up for sale.  There are also a few I would consider donating to a worthy cause – much in the same way I did with

If any of the above are of interest, email or call and we can discuss.  Thanks!

Law Practice TODAY – August Issue

The August issue of Law Practice Today is out and is the second issue in the series, Survival Guide for Young Lawyers:

Elevate Your Career by Getting Involved

Lost in Translation: Communication Tips for Summer Associates and New Lawyers

Going solo? Go niche! Why Selecting a Niche Practice Over a General Practice is a Favorable Option for a New (or Any Solo) Attorney

Make it Count: Practical Ways to Make Lasting Impressions

Tips and Strategies for Getting Overflow Work from Other Attorneys

Talk Your Way to the Top: 7 Practical Tips on Disproving Assumptions About Young Attorneys Through Clear and Strategic Communication

Law Practice TODAY is a free monthly webzine published by the ABA Law Practice Management Section.

Techy Tuesday – 5 Tweets of Interest #legal

twitter soupCulling through a week of tweets – here’s the 5 links which garnered the most interest by my followers:

  1. How to Focus and Stay Productive When You’re Expected to Always Be Available
  2. 10 awesome DYIs to do with a binder clip: from @lifehacker
  3. The Ethics of Legal Subscription Services @carolynelefant
  4. 3 stubborn PC problems you can fix
  5. The Stupid Things You Do in the Name of Productivity (and How to Fix Them) @lifehacker

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BYOB Interview: Jack Newton, Co-Founder Clio

LegalTypist Founder and CEO Andrea Cannavina May 2010 interview of Go Clio Co-Founder, Jack Newton:


1. What is Clio?

2. How does your service protect the confidentiality not just of my clients, but their client’s files and information?

3. Where are your servers physically located?

4. End users – is there any limitations for end users regarding a certain browser, or the various hand-held device operating systems?

5. Does your tech handle email – administration and/or use?

6.  If you had one tip to help people understand how to increase their on line security, what tip would that be?

Interview Jack Newton, Clio - May 2010