10 Good Tweets From This Week (11/1/13)

10 Good Tweets

  1. Been saying it for years -> Working from Home is the Way of the Future http://ow.ly/q81nV
  2. Comprehensive article on ->How to Format an Appellate Brief [in Word] http://ow.ly/qeZaf
  3. Will Law Firms of the Future Have Legal Secretaries? @ronfriedmann http://ow.ly/q3oRl
  4. Do you know how well your site ranks on Google [without your own searches in the mix]: http://ow.ly/qazwJ
  5. Legal Ethics and Outsourcing: Just Because It’s Outsourced, Doesn’t Mean You Can Bill for It @carolynelefant http://ow.ly/qiDrz
  6. Anyone but me think the subjects should have  been  bigger and the background less busy: http://ow.ly/qhiJ0 <- & what’s with the 3 books??
  7. LastPass shared passwords are trivially retrievable http://ow.ly/qdk5X HT @LeeRosen #security #legalIT
  8. Everything you ever wanted  to know about  about  multitasking http://ow.ly/pYXIB
  9. Overwhelmed by your inbox? Got no time? Try: http://ow.ly/pYXvs
  10. Launching a 21st Century Law Practice -a 6 part course created by @carolynelefant is free here: ow.ly/pcRyf

10 Good Tweets

10 Good Tweets

  1. Eight Free Acrobat XI Actions for Legal Pros http://ow.ly/p5YVW
  2. If you are in #legal and use a #Mac or you are thinking about converting to Mac, this conference is for you http://ow.ly/p5Wn9
  3. Apple iOS 7 flaws, oddities and mistakes http://ow.ly/p3jEY
  4. Ten things I didn’t know about Google. @harrymccracken http://ow.ly/p5fWD
  5. Attorneys: If you’re swamped but have only mediocre income to show for it, there’s a reason. @JulieFleming http://ow.ly/pgKui
  6. Launching a 21st Century Law Practice -a 6 part course created by @carolynelefant is free here: ow.ly/pcRyf
  7. Breakfast is the new lunch @petershankman ow.ly/pnFST
  8. Five Ways to Use Twitter Lists @attnyatwork ow.ly/pgBev
  9. Can you be forced to use your finger to unlock your cell phone … discussion of law & map here -> ow.ly/pf7dC HT @NotSoAnonymous
  10. How to Make Your Entire Internet Life More Secure in One Day @lifehacker ow.ly/p3vw4

Listy list list list list

Confession: I have a horrible memory. Always have. In some aspects of my personal life, it has served me well – but as a professional, not so much.  So I’ve always written things down.

It wasn’t until I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done, however, that I discovered lists.  I mean, I always knew of them, and I always used them in a jot things I need from the grocery store type of way but certainly not how they are used in GTD.  I’m not going to go into detail about GTD and lists except to say if you have not read it – it is a good book for self help on getting organized.

Ultimately, there were two things about GTD that didn’t work for me:

The first was FAT – File Act Toss. These are your only options and not everything I touched could be filed under one of those categories. When I came across such a thing – I’d try to figure out a way to refer to it so that I could force it into one - which was not only a time suck, it was a  waste of creative thinking.

The second thing in GTD that didn’t really work for me were the lists.

Don’t get me wrong, once I got the hang of it, I was pretty good at lists.  The problem was they weren’t good for me.  Why?

Back when I first read GTD, it was not very easy to sync devices. I’d waste spend so much time seeking out and testing tech – trying to find the right combination to make all my lists accessible and update-able and synced across my desktop/laptop/mobile device. No matter what I tried, it never seemed to work. Again, huge waste of time.

In the end, I was so busy with my lists and trying to get and keep them synced, I was neglecting to do the things ON them!

To resolve the first issue with GTD, I actually came up with a slight modification – I added another category for “Defer”; rearranged the letters and it became the foundation for my organizational system: DAFT Your Way to Organized!

In 2008 Technolawyer published a condensed version  – “Move Over David Allen, A Better Way To Get Things Done” and I’m actually quite proud of how I was able to get the pertinent information to fit on less than 4 pages. ;)

Now to resolve the second issue I had with GTD, I stopped using lists. Seriously. Stopped.

I have and always will take notes and I talk about how and why I use paper in Getting Email Done <-(the non-condensed and non free version of my organizational system) but up until recently, lists had been a thing of my past.

Enter www.bulletjournal.com – which I am finding is to a task list what my DAFT is to email – a simple and effective way to process and organize tasks.

I’m still testing it all out – but I have begun to use my Moleskin as described at the bulletjournal site – part task list; part calendar; part journal – and I’m liking it!

I’m only into my second month – but if you want to follow along, the 1st of the month is a great time to start!

Grab a notebook – take less than 3 minutes to watch the video and start bulletjournal-ing with me.

If you do – leave me a reply/comment so we can compare notes!

More Articles re: lists:

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Check out the new design!

It’s been 10 years since LegalTypist went from the black and white logo and olive color scheme created in FrontPage (shudder!):

legaltypist.com circa 2003

Website 2003

to in full color (and css/html):

legaltypist.com circa 2008

Website 2008

and I think her latest makeover is just as dramatic:

Website 2013

Website 2013

Not only is the design new – we now offer Digital Assistant™ time in blocks of 5, 10 or 20 hours per month – giving our clients the option to add administrative and secretarial tasks to their workflow for a fixed monthly cost.

Take a minute or two, click on the picture (or use the Home button above) to take a peek at the full site and then c’mon back and leave me a reply with your thoughts.

13 Good Tweets for Friday 13th + 1 for good luck


  1. 13 Legal Tech Tips for Friday the 13th @pegeenturner ow.ly/oQ5m9
  2. Agreed! -> Best App for meetings and discussions? The “off” switch @recoveringleadr ow.ly/oO2Hm HT @sapreston
  3. Why the NSA loves Google’s Chromebook HT @KimHowardDC ars.to/18QC18W
  4. Oldies but goodies -> Six great apps we used to love and use all the time, and how far they’ve come @lifehacker ow.ly/oNQyX
  5. Google Alerts regains RSS delivery option it lost after Google Reader’s demise glennga.be/18
  6. Are password managers safe from the NSA surveillance? @pcworld ow.ly/oNQ0J
  7. 60-minute Security Makeover: Prevent Your Own ‘Epic Hack’ @pcworld ow.ly/oNMKp <-lots of good info
  8. The Future of Legal Technology – It’s Not in the Tech @jeffrey_brandt ow.ly/oMLPJ #legal #legalIT
  9. 6 Tips for Handling Business After Hours ow.ly/oLLDb by @AmsterdamPrint HT @alyssagregory
  10. Terrifying Search Engine That Finds Internet-Connected Cameras, Traffic Lights, Medical Devices, Baby Monitors & More ow.ly/oAkSs
  11. How to Design the Best Law Firm Website @attnyatwork ow.ly/oLA5k
  12. Easier social media discovery: Skip the content @ScottMalouf ow.ly/oJEF9 #legal #legalIT
  13. Good article discussing Facebook and how it tracks logged off users “Let’s Get REAL: Online Privacy…” @samglover ow.ly/oAJnt

and one for good luck:

  1. Getting Things Done “Right” @LeeRosen ow.ly/oH1hl HT @bruckerlaw #legal #legalIT #LPM

#legalchat is back – 11am ET on Fridays


I am honored to be a part of #legalchat – co-moderating/hosting this informative, yet informal, twitter web chat with Natalie Alesi aka @legalerswelcome each Friday at 11am ET.

We start Friday, September 13th, so our first theme could not help but to be centered around the fact that it is a Friday and a 13th …

“Scary” is the overall theme and we welcome all peeps to join in and share your scariest tech moments – or scariest tech you’ve ever seen in use – or what scares you most about tech …

More about LegalChat and how to contribute:

LegalChat Returns Fri Sept 13

3 Ways To Get More Done

Came across this really interesting infographic:

Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week Infographic
Source: OnlineMBA.com

Don’t fall into the busy trap!

Busy is not the new black.

It’s just YOU, thinking that by being busy like everyone else, you’re more productive.  You are not. Instead you feel rushed all the time, are more stressed and less happy.  Just like multi-tasking, working more hours does not equal increased productivity.

If you need to get more done in less time, try:

1.  getting organized so you stop wasting time looking for things;

2. putting systems in place to handle routine tasks faster;

3. get an assistant.

Unlike this Craigslist experiment, there’s no slapping necessary!  H/T @VBalasubramani

As much as tech CEOs and newly minted experts wish you to believe – tech can only increase your personal productivity so much.  After that point, you need more fingers and brains in the mix; or you’re just the same human being, doing more things … now with more tech.

Don’t have enough work to justify the cost of a full time employee? Look to the world of virtual assistants to help.  That is what we are here for!

While most Virtual Assistants perform higher end tasks – there are services around which do the day to day admin and secretarial ones too!

10 Good Tweets – 06/14/2013


  1. RT @leerosen: RT @LegalTypist: 10 things you can do to speed up Outlook http://ow.ly/eEZ7q via @rodneydowell
  2. If they want to pick your brain, ask them to pick a time and method  of payment. @marieforleo http://ow.ly/lPVnR
  3. Web Users: Everything is different now due to PRISM http://ow.ly/lTBLg @david_bilinsky
  4. This just in -> Any iOS Device Can be Hacked  in Under a Minute @sharonnelsonesq http://ow.ly/lH28C <-charger port vulnerability
  5. The Stupid Things You Do in the Name of Productivity (and How to Fix Them) @lifehacker http://ow.ly/lXn29
  6. The Legal Connection Newsletter – May 2013 http://ow.ly/lI7Lo
  7. Good read:  Is This Worthy of Your Full Attention? http://ow.ly/lBD6v
  8. How To Pick The Best Cloud http://ow.ly/lZC8s
  9. Reading: The Case for Executive Assistants @HBR http://ow.ly/lUIqZ
  10. I am the filter for my inbox. I use a simple system I created for me but a friend needed help w/ email so I shared http://ow.ly/lSO9h

10 Good Tweets – 05/28/2013

10 Good Tweets

  1. Vermont Enacts The Nations First Anti-Patent Trolling Law http://ow.ly/lm8SB
  2. The Legal Connection Newsletter (2009-2013): http://ow.ly/lcl0T
  3. Reading: The Risky Game of Needing a Client @LeeRosen http://ow.ly/l0FFO
  4. Heard at my meet up that these 2 were the best #Lexthink @Mark_Britton http://ow.ly/klB3l & @jayshep http://ow.ly/klBnT
  5. Any.DO is a great to-do app. Here are some of its best features you may not be using @lifehacker http://ow.ly/ljHsB
  6. Reading: Cloud-service contracts and data protection: Unintended consequences @TechRepublic ow.ly/l7VPw
  7. 9+ years of Law Practice Today magazine – all in one spot: ow.ly/kbnIt
  8. 296 Lawyers and Legal Professionals To Follow On Twitter: http://ow.ly/lhgzU
  9. The Art, Science & Ethics of the 21st Century Retainer Agreement @carolynelefant ow.ly/jDBOx
  10. Friday Funny: Got Instagram http://ow.ly/lmjKl

296 Lawyers and Legal Professionals To Follow On Twitter


In September of 2008, Adrian Lurssen, Co-Founder of JDSupra published: “145 Lawyers (and Legal Professionals) To Follow On Twitter” a list which very soon thereafter blossomed to over 750 accounts for people to check out.

While that was a great resource at the time, more recently I noted that 100′s of the accounts on it were no longer active – making the list more of a time suck than resource for those looking for people to follow on twitter.

So I asked my assistant, Delilah, to cull through Adrian’s list and provide me with a list of only those accounts that are still active.  Here is what she compiled, along with a few of my own peeps:

  1. @AdrianLurssen – A fan of absurdity – and good content on all subjects. Co founder @JDSupra
  2. @taxgirl – mom, writer, tax lawyer, coffee drinker, baker (and thus, by necessity a runner) – not a sleeper.
  3. @carolynelefant – 21st Century energy lawyer, author and blogger
  4. @jeffrey_taylor – attorney who helps injury victims & consumers. I blog about Android OS for lawyers
  5. @david_bilinsky providing thoughtful legal management at thoughtfullaw.com
  6. @PamelaParalegal A left-handed/redheaded stepchild, born on Friday the 13th who has been a paralegal all her adult life.
  7. Donna_Payne CEO @PayneGroup awesome software company. Mother of twins. Author of 12 books.
  8. @stevematthews – Founder of Stem Legal
  9. @dougcornelius – Chief Compliance Officer for a real estate private equity company, trying to stay in touch and up to date with the world.
  10. @ErikMazzone – Law practice management adviser, coffee geek, Yankee fan, beagle wrangler
  11. @JayFleischman – I’m a lawyer who helps people with bill problems. Recent SoCal transplant from NYC.
  12. @BrettTrout – Patent Lawyer, Author of Cyber Law, Internet Law Nerdherder.
  13. @nickholmes – Legal information in the digital age. And other random stuff.
  14. @DavidLat – Legal blog impresario: founder of Above the Law & Underneath Their Robes. Writer. Editor. Public speaker. Lawyer.
  15. @jmckeever – Mom, Lawyer, Charlottesville City School Board Member, living the dream.
  16. @tbeckett – Attorney, etc. “At the intersection of business and creativity.”
  17. @LindsayGriffiths – Marketer & Events Planner Extraordinaire for International Lawyers.
  18. @ElizabethPW – Lawyer at EPW Small Business Law PC. Mom. Writer. Explorer.
  19. @SoloPracticeU - Solo Practice University® is the #1 web-based educational and professional networking community for solo lawyers and law students.
  20. @dhowell – lawyer; mom; infovagabond.
  21. @heldincontempt – Lawyer, Pharma Compliance Director, Mom, Pop Culture Junkie.
  22. @RobRutkowski – Credit union lawyer, speaker and geek who likes art.
  23. @erwiest – Attorney and ADR provider for business disputes; getting ADR training as parent of twins (+1 more).
  24. @christinemartin – More than a lawyer. Digital intelligence enthusiast. Storm chaser
  25. @aflusche – I fight traffic tickets.
  26. @LeeRosen – Divorce lawyer and aspiring digital nomad.
  27. @collinudell – Appellate attorney focusing on United States Supreme Court litigation and on complex or novel issues arising in other federal appeals.
  28. @ernieattorney – New Orleans lawyer embracing disruptive change and all forms of inevitability.
  29. @TomLamb – An attorney representing patients who had serious side effects and the family of those who died from adverse drug reactions.
  30. @gbeck – Lawyer specializing in Supreme Court and appellate litigation; free speech and lawyer advertising; IP; consumers’ and workers’ rights; and federal jurisdiction.
  31. @BobKraft – Dallas Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Elder Law, Medicaid Planning & Veterans Benefits attorney. Blogs at PISSD.com and KraftElderLaw.com.
  32. @CarlStarrett – I am a husband, father and bankruptcy attorney in Southern California who loves Disneyland and Star Trek.
  33. @denniskennedy – Dennis Kennedy: Technology lawyer, legal technologist, author, speaker, blogger.
  34. @gfiremark – Entertainment Lawyer, podcaster, audio geek, father & husband.
  35. @AL_DUIattorney – Attorney who specializes in DUI defense work in Alabama.
  36. @jeffbob – Law firm marketer, Web and Interactive Director
  37. @kevinokeefe – CEO of LexBlog ~ Sharing Info to Empower Lawyers Worldwide to Network Through the Internet. Dad and Lawyer.
  38. @davidr – Geek Lawyer/Lawyer Geek. On tour with Bruce Springsteen every chance I get.
  39. @Dealfatigue – Entertainment lawyer navigating the landscape of the entertainment business and deal making culture.
  40. @mwcrosson – Attorney (family law, bankruptcy, small business) – assisting clients in the greater Sacramento area.
  41. @Finsrud – Attorney, technophile, runner, and father to 5 girls.
  42. @lindsaylavine – Freelance writer, lawyer, humorist and full-time news junkie.
  43. @mkarol – Father, Lawyer, Geek.
  44. @internetcases – Senior Counsel @infolawgroup. Appreciator of the clever and absurd.
  45. @erichapp – partner, Kean Miller; co-founder, Quality Conversation Simulations; general counsel, LISTA; Louisiana coastal restoration advocate.
  46. @ncarroll – Word-of-mouth marketing professional. President and co-founder of Claris Law.
  47. @startuplawyer – I code in Word.
  48. @Lowrance – All IRS and tax problems. Former Chief Counsel tax and trial attorney. Also, divorce, child custody, domestic violence, GAL adults & children.
  49. @halosecretarial – I’m a fabulous virtual legal assistant and paralegal, a mom blogger, mom of 3 boys and a wife (these are not listed in order of importance!!)
  50. @Nechlaw – Immigration lawyer, law professor, Houston FANATIC!
  51. @Glennia – Mom, lawyer, liberal, traveler, coffee achiever. Original brand badassador. MOMocrats Co-Founder & family travel blogger. On Twitter before you were born.
  52. @adamdlin – Associate lawyer
  53. @lougovskaia – Lawyer, business owner, first-generation immigrant living the American Dream.
  54. @ipsociety – IP/Patent Attorney, Founder of the IP Society, Open Water Swimmer and Amateur Linguist.
  55. @Riskin – Devoted husband and father to Daniel. Matthew & Raquel (Lawyer/Consultant), Founder, Edge International.
  56. @jrgonzalez – Immigration & real estate development attorney, political junkie, new blogger.
  57. @buffalopundit – Husband, father, lawyer, blogger, traveler.
  58. @cyberlaw – Lawyer, blogger, and father of 3 boys. Husband to 1. Trademarks (US and international), copyright and Internet law is my thing.
  59. @StephKimbro – Author of Virtual Law Practice. Attorney at Burton Law. Improving the Delivery of Legal Services with Technology.
  60. @aznor99 – Born, living, will die. Counting down the days to retirement – over 15,000 left. Hurray!
  61. @kaplanmyrth – Internet policy advisor. Background in tech law & an interest in how collaborative and social technologies are reshaping the world.
  62. @AustinAttorney – Accident lawyer
  63. @Brian Cuban – Lawyer,Writer-annoying TV big mouth.Mavs, Pittsburgh,Penn State sports.
  64. @robertamsterdam – International lawyer at Amsterdam & Partners LLP.
  65. @traverselegal – Enrico Schaefer & Firm. Internet Law Attorneys: Internet Law, Trademark, Copyright, Online Defamation, Cybersquatting, Complex Litigation.
  66. @annibbler – Lawyer, Podcaster, Blogger, and full-time MBA student at UCLA Anderson School of Management.
  67. @lawmrs – Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney, Knitter, Frequent Wearer of Flip-Flops, Blogger, and Lover of British Murder Mysteries.
  68. @paul177 – Attorney
  69. @eclewis – Denver business attorney. Info on legal and technology issues in CO.
  70. @StephenVerbit – Business Litigation Attorney.
  71. @inhouserants – Frustrated in-house lawyer.
  72. @bobcoffield – Health care, technology and business lawyer chirping from wild and wonderful West Virginia.
  73. @craigniedenthal – I am a trial attorney focusing on products liability cases.
  74. @lauraleesparks – Legal Marketing Maven For Estate & Elder Law Attorneys, Done For You Expert, Speaker, Trainer.
  75. @SDWatch – Writer, blogger, father, son, husband, Buddhist, recovering lawyer, South Dakotan, Civil Air Patrol member, US Coast Guard Auxiliarist.
  76. @bentleytolk – Utah and national ERISA litigation and employment litigation defense lawyer/attorney; I also explore legal marketing through social media & new media.
  77. @PaulBKennedy – Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy. Husband, father, youth soccer coach, home-brewer.
  78. @JeremyKissel – Attorney interested in digital media, telecommunications, cloud computing, and emerging technologies.
  79. @nipper – U.S. Patent / Trademark Attorney, tech blogger, dad, husband, g33k, purveyor of odd humor.
  80. @rube1947 – bankruptcy and commercial finance attorney
  81. @legalmaven – DC based lawyer with a particular interest in small business and entertainment law. Opinionated HBCU grad, writer, speaker, and knowledge seeker.
  82. @eschaeff – Writer, lawyer, and blogger.
  83. @douglassorocco – Displaced yankee in Oklahoma City – IP Attorney by day, crusading do-gooder by night.
  84. @matt_buchanan – Attorney
  85. @NSKinsella – Libertarian writer and patent attorney.
  86. @RushNigut – Iowa business lawyer providing info on business and franchising issues. In addition to law practice.
  87. @KMHobbie – litigation knowledge management attorney, husband and Dad, violinist and violist; also manage blog.
  88. @jriversmn – Law firm CI professional and information resources director interested in emerging technologies and music.
  89. @christensenlaw – Service with Integrity and Compassion When You’ve Been Injured.
  90. @DougBernstien – VC lawyer. Mets fan.
  91. @Darrin_Mish – Ax Attorney, SEO Expert, Public Speaker, Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur, Infusionsoft User, Husband, Father.
  92. @AlliGerkman – Communications director and lawyer interested in legal system, legal education, professional development, civics education, elections, and oxford commas.
  93. @almostaghost – INFP MusicGeek lawyer Obama NTL: tweets music law copyrights tmarks politics.
  94. @jessicafoley – Criminal Defense Attorney, wife to Adam, dog mama to Molly, waiting for ski and snowboard season to start.
  95. @Raymond42c – Bankruptcy/Personal Injury Attorney, Geek, Gamer, Political, soon to be dad.
  96. @Marelisa – Writer, entrepreneur, dream-weaver, alchemist, and dragon-slayer. Creator of Daring to Live Fully. Sometimes lawyer–Georgetown Law School.
  97. @OroroDC – Independent, political junkie, mommy.
  98. @SteveWorrell – Marietta & Atlanta GA Family Law & Family Estate Planning Lawyer.
  99. @Anthonyzaller – Employment law attorney and entrepreneur – Los Angeles, CA.
  100. @PattiSpencer – Attorney focusing on trusts, estates and fiduciary litigation.
  101. @fsulawyer – Husband, father, lawyer, and all around mensch.
  102. @DavidCanton – Business lawyer and trade-mark agent with a practice focusing on technology issues and technology companies.
  103. @JerseyTodd – Lawyer Extraordinaire, World’s Strongest Man.
  104. @HumanRacehorses – Employment lawyer; Android user; oboist; amateur astronomer, weather junkie, single malt scotch lover, who’ll retire in 20 years when kids are out of school.
  105. @SandySlaga – MAHvelous mom, wife and lawyer in northern Illinois.
  106. dancanon – Jack of all trades; master of all.
  107. @craiglaw – Lawyer – business litigation, love sports. Kids grown and life is good.
  108. @jefhenninger – New Jersey Attorney focusing on White Collar Crime, Small Business Litigation, Divorce and Identity Theft
  109. @charlesthomas – Criminal and BitTorrent defense lawyer. INFP. Going through some changes. Rule 62 in effect.
  110. @BobbiSue – In house counsel , runner, part foodie, lover of all hollywood gossip…All opinions/tweets are solely my own.
  111. @EHSchierman – US Patent and Trademark Attorney, licensed in Idaho & Utah; Tech and Arts Enthusiast.
  112. @marissabracke – Perpetually curious, easily fascinated, often delighted. Analytical but creative. Drinks tea. Likes gnomes, eclectic music & making up words. Apt to frolic.
  113. @petesummerill – MacLitigator, Trial Attorney, Whiner… That is right, a renaissance man.
  114. @WilliamWilson – Indiana civil attorney, fascinated by tech in the law practice, Apple fan, father, husband, wine enthusiast. Audi fanatic.
  115. @jeffalford – Lawyer, geek, modern day Renaissance Man.
  116. @donna_seale – Human Rights lawyer, educator & workplace investigator, mom to twin girls, healthy living advocate, closet accordionist, soccer coach, MMA fanatic.
  117. @advocatesstudio – Attorney Writing On Law, Technology and the Developing Web.
  118. @lindsycd – Res ipsa loquitur – lawyer, wife, mom, feminist, realist, idealist.
  119. @NathanielP – New Mexico legal aid lawyer, slow cyclist, country singer.
  120. @chucknewton – Husband, father, lawyer, Third Waver, carpet commuter, spare room tycoon that likes crooners.
  121. @ElenaFranz – Real estate attorney, mom, retired fire dancer, outdoor enthusiast.
  122. @AlastairC – Husband; Dad; Legal Aid Clinic Lawyer: focus on Immigration & Refugee Law and Tenant Rights; Cyclist Commuter; Japanophile; Explorer; MacHead; Political Junkie.
  123. @ThomasJLamb – A plaintiffs lawyer in North Carolina handling asbestos-mesothelioma lawsuits and prescription drug injury cases.
  124. @Charkoudian – Tech licensing lawyer. Interested in legal issues in cutting edge tech and online, social and mobile games.
  125. @edgarsnder – Official Twitter feed of Edgar Snyder & Associates. Pennsylvania law firm helping people injured in accidents, hurt on the job, and denied disability benefits.
  126. @gdeloss – Health lawyer.
  127. @GinaRubel – Author, Marketing Strategist, Legal Marketer, Agency CEO, Media Source, Social Media, Speaker, Blogger, Attorney & Mom.
  128. @erikmagraken – Caution – I tweet about BC Injury Law. It may bore you. That is all.
  129. @SeattleTMLawyer – Trademark attorney / lawyer / law blogger – Atkins Intellectual Property, PLLC.
  130. @CraigBachman – Trial lawyer, Counsel, Writer, Farmer. Focus in competition matters & intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent, moral rights & trade secrets).
  131. @randallmoeller – IP lawyer (patents, trademarks, & Internet law). Music lover. Camper. Runner. Homeschooling dad.
  132. @waltmire - A patent, trademark, and intellectual property lawyer focusing on software and electronic arts.
  133. @ThatLawyerDude - I help people put their lives back together after everyone else abandons them. I am a Crisis Trial Lawyer and I am there for you 24/7/365.
  134. @chrischeatham – ClaimKit CEO, rabid Jayhawk fan, bad golfer, reader of books.
  135. @Adrianos – California defamation Lawyer/blogger/mnemonist.
  136. @kmarvel – child support enforcement lawyer; wife & mom to 3 great kids; working to defeat autism.
  137. @johnharding – Divorce Lawyer. Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
  138. @VBalasubramani - Internet-tech lawyer in Seattle.
  139. @jasoncbrown – Husband, father, publisher, aspiring Cat. 6 cyclist, duffer, and mite hockey coach.
  140. @rdd - Father, husband, IP fixer, patent litigator, Ironman & distance runner.
  141. @jeffrey_brandt – Husband, father of 5, home schooler, pinewood derby enthusiast, modern day digital alchemist working w/lawyers, struggling to turn data & info into knowledge.
  142. @keavneylaw – EMS Law and Compliance Consultant.
  143. @JonPGroth – Wisconsin Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation Attorney. I’m a lawyer that helps people. Is that a short enough bio?
  144. @BeautyMarks – Having it all as a trademark lawyer, wife, mother, toy poodle mommy and blogger.
  145. @scottwolfejr – Mechanic Lien and Notice Guru.
  146. @erik_laursen – Attorney, writer, Dad, wonderfully lucky husband, producer of fun stuff.
  147. @bobambrogi – Lawyer, writer, consultant.
  148. @PrometheusAdvoc – Lawyer, news junkie, futurist.
  149. @ipadrblog – attorney mediator-arbitrator of IP and complex commercial disputes.
  150. @moddivorce – Cali Divorce Attorney, Legal Strategist, Advisor, Founder of Soul Center Marin & The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide.
  151. @justpeace – musician, mother, legal aid lawyer, geek, indie spirit, planet citizen.
  152. @Hank Edson – Mediator-Attorney, Author, Activist.
  153. @howlingpoint – Geek, swimmer, beach lover, Party B and attorney. This is where I play, not work.
  154. @johnbolch - Blogger and former family lawyer. Other interests include astronomy and the pursuit of reason (not that there’s a lot of it about).
  155. @erikJHeels – Trademark and patent lawyer, Boston Red Sox fan, Maine Law Adjunct Professor, MIT 88. Flew in AF (hot), cofounded MCatsBand (cool), swam in Arctic Ocean (cold).
  156. @miamicrimlaw – Miami criminal defense firm with over 30 years of experience in state and federal criminal defense.
  157. @mattsaunders – Trademark and copyright attorney.
  158. @nancykpsy – maritime lawyer.
  159. @timothyevans – lawyer, Apple geek, father, husband, diabetic.
  160. @TarHeelAttorney - Attorney, College Basketball fan (UNC), Sci-Fi books, TV and movie fan, married with 2 kids.
  161. @jenniferweil – Lawyer in Hoboken, NJ helping people with their debt, including helping people file for bankruptcy.
  162. @RickHorowitz – Criminal defense attorney, blogger, writer and sometimes nice guy.
  163. @ronfriesen – educator, lawyer, techie.
  164. @DaveKight – Attorney practicing labor, employment and litigation. Licensed in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas..
  165. @BargerWolen - Legal counsel to the insurance industry. Insurance regulatory and litigation. Corporate and Transactional. Reinsurance.
  166. @surrogacylawyer – Surrogacy and Egg Donation Attorney.
  167. @bren924 – IT Director for a small Boston law firm. 2013 ILTA Conference Committee Volunteer. Red Sox Fan. Parrothead.
  168. @KarynOsinowo – Attorney | Francophile | Social Change Strategist.
  169. @hisgrace – Lawyer, Pastor, Entrepreneur! Committed to country living & dogs & horses.
  170. @VMaryAbraham – Blogger, Knowledge Management Consultant, Corporate Lawyer, Workshop/Meeting Facilitator, Strategic Conversations Coach, Social Media Enthusiast.
  171. @dannybronski – Seattle intellectual property lawyer, entrepreneur, and contrarian.
  172. @sarahjessicaESQ – Post-Conviction Criminal Litigation.
  173. @bschuelke – Husband. Dad. Volunteer. Attorney representing individuals and businesses injured by others.
  174. @RuiAmores – Attorney.
  175. @Scott Greenfield – Criminal defense lawyer and blawger at Simple Justice.
  176. @chrisfrankfas – Homebrewer, attorney, runner. Not sure which one I like most.
  177. @Bill_Romanos - Science, technology, space, intelligence, philosophy, writing, books, reading, etc. Attorney. Regulator.
  178. @lennyesq - Mac fan, wEbrief editor, blawger, BC Alum, UU, solo lawyer
  179. @spideb – Legal journalist/lawyer.
  180. @RossMark - Brit, Lawyer, Blogger, LPO, Indiaphile, Ethics, Death of Hourly rate, Public Speaker, Writer.
  181. @snitty – Lawyer, improviser, amateur chef, podcaster, blogger, and more.
  182. @aghannoum - Attorney.
  183. @annepmitchell - CEO, ISIPP Suretymail; Fathers’ Rights Attorney.
  184. @gregorybell – Recovering lawyer & legal editor for Thomson Reuters Westlaw. Jazz blogger and new media explorer.
  185. @fsethd – Attorney
  186. @sethwil - Litigation Attorney and legal technology advocate.
  187. @JW_Law - Jackson Walker L.L.P. has over 100 years of experience in providing legal counsel to clients throughout Texas, the United States, and internationally.
  188. @jeffroy - Massachusetts State Representative and Trial lawyer in Boston specializing in the representation of injured persons.
  189. @constructionlaw - Virginia construction lawyer, LEED AP, author of Construction Law Musings, construction mediator, multiple nominee to Virginia Legal Elite in Construction Law.
  190. @Baelen - Padawan Lawyer, Budding Podcaster, New Media Junkie and expatriated Pennsylvania Yankee.
  191. @happyattorney – Attorney. Jones Waldo. Comm’l real estate, transactional. Problem preventer.
  192. @brucecarton - Editor of Securities Docket; Compliance Week columnist; Lawyer; Husband and father of 4 boys.
  193. @DebraTuomey - Attorney in Spring Hill, Florida seeking legal networks.
  194. @invcondemnation - land use and appellate lawyer, law blogger.
  195. @Rstubenrauch – Attorney, avid cyclist, occasional politico and avid sports fan.
  196. @David_Tournier – Corporate finance lawyer, family guy, delighted to live the age of the Internet giving freedom back to us citizen-sheeps.
  197. @JohnathanFrieden – Commercial litigator and counsel to online businesses.
  198. @IPLAW101 – I am an intellectual property law attorney focusing on trademark, new media, and licensing issues.
  199. @McDermottLaw - A leading international law firm focused on legal and business trends, the impact of changes in law and other topics of interest affecting a range of businesses.
  200. @scottharders - intellectual property attorney and business advisor.
  201. @SacTownLawyer - Small Town Lawyer in a Big City.
  202. @bcjb – IP lawyer; MIT Media Lab alum; speaker, author, entrepreneur; founder of dealerwizard, gazelle lab, verifip.
  203. @astarita – Securities Lawyer helping financial pros/firms nationwide navigate the regulatory maze, prosper, and defend themselves, with a dash of investor representation.
  204. @gregoryluce – Attorney, sleep-deprived dad and law technology junkie.
  205. @DenisePolivy – Banjo-playing Jewish libertarian attorney and geek representing financial institutions and other creditors in bankruptcy cases and related litigation.
  206. @Eric_B_Meyer – Workplace lawyer, EEOC mediator, and hater of social-media ninjas.
  207. @patwrite – Patent Attorney.
  208. @kevinhouchin – Account Exec-National Programs at ACT. Author, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Mediator, Fine Artist, Mason, Druid, Lawyer, Husband, Father, Friend.
  209. @dmilligan – Husband, father, patent attorney, seed capitalist and technology fanatic.
  210. @ClaxtonLegal – Radio host & lawyer handling criminal defense cases.
  211. @manatt – Law firm.
  212. @Fulbright – The International Law Firm of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
  213. @BeemPatentLaw – Chicago patent attorney, Iowa State, U. Houston, Federal Circuit clerk, engineer, wrestler, dancer, mentor, friend.
  214. @GTak - Attorney for nonprofits – NEO Law Group | Nonprofit Law Blog.
  215. @YoungAssociate – Young Associate at a large national law firm.
  216. @wmf68 - Experienced real estate and land use attorney.
  217. @steigerlaw – Personal Injury Lawyer passionately representing my clients. Treating you with the respect that you deserve. Beagle lover. Coffee lover. Lover of the law.
  218. @OttawaLawyers - Injury lawyer with criminal defence lawyer.
  219. @hankheyming – Thoughts on venture capital, technology and start-ups from a lawyer/entrepreneur. Very interested in digital media and e-commerce.
  220. @douglasgriess - Business lawyer/attorney/counsel.
  221. @loriIwan - Retired attorney.
  222. @DanielPerry - Identity Lawyer; General Counsel to Identity Commons, Inc.
  223. @SarahGold - Owner of Gold Law Firm – working with small businesses and consumer law issues.
  224. @DavidWms - father, lawyer, business litigator, food guy.
  225. @jasonmolder - Florida attorney practicing in the areas of e-discovery, construction litigation, condominium & community association law, and information technology law.
  226. @LenCarson – Bankruptcy attorney, marathoner, and defender of liberty, on my quest for perfect wellness.
  227. @davidleibowitz – Highly regarded Illinois and Wisconsin Consumer and Business Bankruptcy and Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney.
  228. @ScottGodes – Insurance recovery attorney (opinions are mine only, not legal advice). Music lover. Car nut. Technology addict. Occasional mountain biker. Former gymnast.
  229. @tysonsnow – Tech dork and an IP & Employment attorney.
  230. @MACrimeLawyer – Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer, father, husband.
  231. @stevemeltzer – Husband, Father, Business, Real Estate & Non-profit Lawyer, Conservationist, Soccer Coach, Volunteer.
  232. @DevenKane – Chicagoland based corporate transactional attorney practicing in a business law firm.
  233. @gpierson – Copyright, trademark, entertainment & advertising atty. Helping marketers, artists, brand owners and other creative people.
  234. @DrOrlyTaitzEsq – To defend the rights and freedoms that exist for all citizens in the United States.
  235. @kranenburg – Attorney & Counselor-at-Law. FINRA Advocate & Arbitrator.
  236. @TradeSecretLaw – Business Lawyer, Counselor & Advisor.
  237. @MarshallRIsaacs – Tenacious, Unrepentant Litigator, Negotiator & Draftsman.
  238. @MiglioreLaw – High-Quality Personal Injury and Asbestos Legal Representation.
  239. @jerryerickson – Managing Partner and Senior Business Immigration Attorney using Twitter to provide timely legal updates that impact our friends, clients and partners.
  240. @attybegemann – Connecticut real estate and business attorney helping people with their legal issues in a friendly, professional and cost-effective manner.
  241. @rclaessen – Patent attorney in Cologne, Germany, prosecution and litigation of patents and trademarks.
  242. @dja2law – Lawyer who provides Out-House general counsel services to businesses, while replicating the methods, approach, and style of an in-house law department.
  243. @Patent_Israel – Heading an Israeli Patent Attorneys Firm.
  244. @kgarrahan – Attorney practicing in commercial and non-profit real estate, land use, permitting, conveyancing, leasing, health, and environmental matters – artsy avocations.
  245. @ShyAlter – CEO of ii3, a trusted consultancy to law firms. Consumes art, politics, and original thinking. Cooks, photographs and writes.
  246. @ryangoldvine - In-house Counsel with CUPE in Toronto, Ontario.
  247. @BoricuaLaw - Attorney in Puerto Rico who handles Family and Estates cases for non-resident clients in Puerto Rico.
  248. @JMTLaw – Lawyer, diver, greyhound mom.
  249. @stephenbarnesjr – Business Lawyer, Counselor at Law, Focus on affluent family, business, and legacy planning and asset protection.
  250. @anthonyjucha – Lawyer (commercial, in house, freelance, locum & street). Gonzo Journalist. Satirist.
  251. @BrianNFletcher – Patent/IP attorney @ Fletcher Law Firm; write/prosecute US & foreign patent apps; trademarks; IP strategy.
  252. @TheProbateNet – Practice limited to contested probate matters.
  253. @adriandayton – Father, husband, lawyer, speaker, author of LinkedIn & Blogs for Lawyers & Social Media for Lawyers. NLJ columnist. Just climbed Kilimanjaro, Marathoner, BYU fan.
  254. @randyrandy – Attorney, business consultant, cross-cultural explorer, wanna-be entrepreneur. Looking for next big thing. Have passport. Will travel.
  255. @AttyImmigration - Immigration lawyer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Caseload includes deportation defense in Immigration Court, I-601 waivers, green cards, citizenship, etc.
  256. @MdConstrLawyer – I practice construction real estate and land use law in MD and D.C. I handle litigation, write and review contracts and help clients in being more successful.
  257. @Mzicherman – Commercial litigator and construction lawyer. Husband and father of 3 boys. Is there time for anything else?
  258. @WilliamsKastner – With more than 90 attorneys in three offices, Williams Kastner has been serving clients in the Pacific Northwest since 1929.
  259. @kevinforrester – Real estate, resolution and trust law.
  260. @AlanNye – Lawyer, Writer, Blogger, Comedian, Mainer.
  261. @SABankruptcy – I represent consumers and small businesses in bankruptcy.
  262. @AttyChristine – Saving the American Dream, One home at a time. I stop foreclosures and litigate to get you a better mortgage through Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  263. @DandridgeLaw - Virtual Law Firm Attorney practicing Nonprofit, Business, Trademark and Copyright Law.
  264. @fredabramson – NY Business Law Attorney, Drafts Legal Documents, Litigator, Foodie, Voracious Reader, Husband, Dad, Music, Art, Sports, Culture.
  265. @SandraSingerEsq – Attorney.
  266. @CynthiaRRowland – Fairly uppity business and tax lawyer with focus on nonprofit and charity law. I also like to write and ride.
  267. @pwoldow – Master Coach, Attorney, Advisor to General Counsel & ABA Legal Rebel.
  268. @dougmandell – General counsel to start-ups; Personal GC to founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs.
  269. @bowtielaw - California Attorney, iPad App Developer, e-Discovery blogger, High School Mock Trial Coach.
  270. @guntrustlawyer – Florida Estate Planning, Asset protection, Guardianship, Probate and Gun Trust Lawyer, Macs, blogger, iPhone.
  271. @davidwbarrett - Corporate transactional attorney at Faegre Baker Daniels in Indianapolis. Huge Steelers and Indiana Univ. basketball fan.
  272. @EvansIPLaw – Intellectual Property Attorney – Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law.
  273. @London_Law_Firm – Chris Sherliker is a founding partner of Silverman Sherliker LLP, a full-service London law firm and one of the very first UK solicitors on Twitter.
  274. @CowgirlLawyer – Public defender in rural Illinois.
  275. @richardsusskind – President, Society for Computers and Law; IT Adviser to Lord Chief Justice; speaker; professor; etc.
  276. @johnsamwilson – Husband to an amazing woman, dad to two great kids, lawyer, soccer fan and erstwhile player, Northwest born and bred.
  277. @indyattorney – Business attorney, start-up enthusiast, father of 2, love all things cuse and indy.
  278. @kerlaw – Divorce, education, real estate & special needs attorney with 25+ years of experience; foodie and art fanatic; hobbies include knitting, travel, crafts & music.
  279. @Ipesq – Happy Law, patent attorney, cigar lover.
  280. @Jon_Lewis - Father of Three, Attorney, Enjoy helping people, jogging, golf, tennis, food, and football. Urban Attorney. Tweet me for a compassionate ear.
  281. @JaredBeck – Beck & Lee co-founder/Miami-based trial lawyer/I love representing the underdog in court and winning.
  282. @BBlaw – I strive to find justice for all of my clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  283. @CraigBachman – Trial lawyer, Counsel, Writer, Farmer. Focus in competition matters & intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent, moral rights & trade secrets).
  284. @donlowrylaw – personal injury attorney serving all of Maine, 40+ years experience.
  285. @CariRincker – IL Farmgirl, Owner of RinckerLaw.
  286. @TaylorLawOffice – Greater Boston & Merrimack Valley area attorney.
  287. @ageorgialawyer – Injury Lawyer in Atlanta/Savannah, licensed in GA/FL, Litigator. Runner, College Football Fan , Gator, Insomniac, Labs owner.
  288. @castellilaw – Anthony Castelli Attorney personal injury trial attorney lawyer .Available to meet with you through out Ohio Cincinnati,Columbus, Dayton, West Chester, Mason.
  289. @mikk_IPR – Patent attorney, patent searcher. Partner at Sarap&Partners Patent.
  290. @lanepowell – Pacific Northwest law firm with more than 200 attorneys in Business, Litigation, and Labor and Employment, with offices in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and London.
  291. @paulrubell – Technology lawyer , social media law , software licensing, law and the cloud, SaaS, privacy, law professor, Georgetown.
  292. @SandsAnderson – Lawyers and legal services for business, investors, owners, government and insurance.
  293. @AndrewMcRoberts – Local government lawyer/litigator with Sands Anderson PC, blogger at VaLocalityLaw.com, W&M Tribe football fan, bourbon-drinker, theater-goer, lover of life!
  294. @VentureLawyer – I practice law to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions.
  295. @VATruckLawyer – Experienced trial attorney and counselor for the transportation retail and manufacturing industries.
  296. @jonathangstein – Funniest consumer protection attorney, father, blogger

If you would like to be added, connect with me on twitter (@LegalTypist) or leave a comment and I will check you out.

AND if you like this list, I have also compiled the lists of faculty and attendees of Techshow and LTNY for years, and I have a public twitter list which contains many of the members of the  Solosez list serv.