TechShow Update – the wrap up

I was approached by more than one person with positive feedback on my thoughts re: Day 1 of Techshow.  What I quickly learned though was that if I did not SCHEDULE time to blog, I was not going to find it.  Seriously, who wants to go to their room alone when so much is going on?  Not me! Therefore, sorry for the delay but here is the Synopsis of Day 2 and a quick mention of Day 3.

Day 2:

Attended Computing in the Cloud session with David Bilinsky and Matt Kesner.  Honestly, I could listen to David talk all day.  Along with understanding a lot of the implications of cloud computing, he has a voice like butter!

Next was Hey You, Got Onto My Cloud with Catherine Sanders Reach.  Catherine looks like a girly girl, but just like AdrianaL – she’s all geek.  Lots of recommended cloud applications which I will share in the near future.

Next, I went to the Taking Your Office Virtual session with Nicole Garton-Jones and Alan Wernick.  I don’t believe this session was properly titled as it was more of what you can do if virtual than how to get virtual.  By the way, if youw ant to learn of one of my recommended techs to get you virtual fast, join me on April 7th – more info here.)

As for touring the Expo, on Day 2 I got to meet up with Larry Port and @ArielD – the main peeps from RocketMatter who were this year accompanied by the lovely Kim (also a Palm girl).  I learned at TechShow that RocketMatter is integrating trust accounting into their on line practice management tech – worth a look/assessment for those considering taking their practice management into the cloud.

I wrapped up Day 2′s sessions with Beyond the Keyboard – Workflow Alternatives with Britt Lorish.  Britt is a fellow non-lawyer and she and I also share a love of lots of the same 80’s New Wave music.  Her session was informative and Britt had actual equipment which she invited attendees to hold and ask questions.  Britt is a great speaker, however, her talk revolved around Dragon and I still think that speech recognition removes the most important part of the process:  the human brain.  Dictation is not just about getting words on a page – it is delegation by voice … really, really.

Completing Day 2‘s educational sessions was the very popular 60 Tips in 60 Minutes.

From there, it was off to the hotel lobby bar to meet up with Kevin O’Keefe and the Beer for Bloggers event; then a taste of Chicago Style pizza with @BSchorr and @DominicJaar, followed by a wonderful evening with @AlanKlevan and @AllisonShields, @CarolynElefant, a few vendors and other legal geeky types at Chicago’s Sushi Samba.  Lots of fun, even if no dancing (unless you count JD Supra‘s Managing Director Aviva bopping and moving to the tunes every so often)(FYI, she’s another Palm girl).  In any event, certainly a fun time was had by all and thanks again to @goclio‘s Jack for his company and hospitality!

Day 3 constituted going to only one session –  the ever popular 60 Websites in 60 Minutes.  Lots of websites worth a look – the full list is here.  Maybe next year will be my year. 😉

While working on this post, I’ve also been cleaning up my notes/tweets from the sessions I attended.  Up first will be Creating Your Online Presence with my gracious TechShow roomie: Carolyn Elefant